Get Involved

From Day One, and that is Late 2010 when NLab was OUFLab, When Our Venue of training and events was in a single room, when we could seat on the floor and learn for couple of hours sharing few computers we had, Our founder had a vision, he believed in his dream of contributing in transforming Africa by any means.

Friend of NLab formally OUFLab raised the capital to buy few computers and furniture, we are humbled by their generosity. We are where we are because few people believed in us, and we are asking you to continue believing in us.  There are so many ways you can get involved in our work and help even more children and young people. Continue being AWESOME!

Our mentoring projects simply wouldn’t happen without the brilliant men and women who give up their time to support our students in their projects. We still need more mentors, Joining our mentorship program you’ll make a genuine difference to a students’s life. You’ll motivate your matched Student to make positive choices, grow in confidence and overcome challenges.

“If you have ever wondered, will I make a difference In this life, mentor a child and remove all doubt” – Penny Shaffer

What to expect:
You’ll be carefully matched with a student in our program and expected to see them (Virtual meeting) once every month till the end of the course/program. You’ll plan fun and engaging mentoring sessions, with the aim of developing the student’s skills and increasing their self-confidence

We have and we are still doing allot in this Community. Help us by sharing our successfully stories to your network which is your net-worth. Use Short Messaging services, Social media or emails to send our website link, our reports, videos or pictures, Introduce us at your working place or in the party.
Connect us to Government Agencies, Corporate, Organizations and any potential individual whom you think will be interested to hear our stories or would love to pay a visit and have a cup of coffee with us or one of our student.

See for yourself

Don’t just take it from us, from what we write, post and share, come and see for yourself what NLab is all about. Visit and be inspired, come and see the New Tanzania that NiwezesheLab is building. Use our contact page for further communication.

Support to fund Niwezeshe Lab’s  activities and programs is obtained through private and corporate donations. NiwezesheLab is an NGO therefore, Your tax deductible gift will help us launch new programs, and provide more scholarships to students in need. NiwezesheLab accepts online donations via PayPal and by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express).