Facts On The Ground

All is not well in Tanzania, studies show that youth are intensely impacted by unemployment, and most youth have no employable skills, the skills they have are not compatible with the skills required in the job market.

Looking at the education system, students are not supported or motivated to realize their potential in creating, innovating and building solutions to solve community problems. The current system does not promote education for self reliance.

More to that, not every student gets the chance to finish his/her studies, some fail to continue and finish, because they don’t have any employable skills and so they opt to become house boys/maids, or bar and restaurants attendants etc.

Furthermore, there is a “digital divide”, in fact people with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to being digitally excluded because of the stereotypical perceptions about TECH in relation to gender and physical ability.

Our Mission

We strive to make young people “of all abilities” confident and creative builders of their future by empowering them with the necessary skills and promoting the culture of innovation for self reliance. Young People are encouraged to meet academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm, and a willingness to solve problems.


  • Trainings: We offer quality coding and entrepreneurship training to young girls and boys of all abilities in schools in Dar Es Salam and to help them develop their own projects and succeed in their careers.
  • Incubation & Mentorship: NLab provides mentor-ship and incubation to emerging young TECH entrepreneurs and uses its network to promote their work to customers, partners and potential funding opportunities.
  • Boot Camps and Workshops: These are offered throughout the year at various locations to further enhance the NLab participants’ skill sets.
  • Holiday Events: NLab Organizes holiday events such as workshops, exhibitions, hackathons, Kids Code Camps, boot camps and competitions to empower and inspire

Our Vision

Having a future wherein all children and youth are impacted with tech skills, and are using it in solving community problems.

To achieve this vision, NLab recognizes contributions from every sector i.e. institutions, companies, NGO’s and individuals who invests their time and money in the development of children and youth in Tanzania. We at NLab embrace collaborative processes and decision making, knowledge building and sharing.